Vermont Hand Crafters show wrap up

It’s been a week since the end of the Vermont Hand Crafters Fine Craft & Art Show and I’m finally getting around to doing a recap.

With the economy the way it is, I expected to have fewer sales than in previous years. I did, however, hit my anticipated income so there weren’t any surprises. I am not good with surprises.

I really enjoyed myself this year. I have been in the same-ish spot for the last three years and my neighbors have been pretty consistent. My booth location has become a craft show equivalent of “home”. It’s so nice. Another bonus this year was that I got to eat contraband cheese. I’ll just leave the details to your imagination.

Here are a few shots of my booth.

From one angle…

Blue Roof Designs craft show booth
…and from another.

Blue Roof Designs craft show booth
This is what I saw for four days from inside my booth (that was a quiet moment in the aisles – it was more often crowded):

Vermont Hand Crafters craft show
And yes, the Sheraton’s carpet is really that ugly in person. New to my booth were some acrylic display pieces. Here are some shots of the risers:

Accordion books on display shelves

Accordion books looking all floaty on the risers

Handmade books by Blue Roof Designs

Ooohhhh….floaty Grabby Journals

I love how such a simple thing as acrylic can make for a seamless presentation. I had previously used wooden cigar boxes for my display. I got more comments on the cigar boxes than on my books. The boxes are now retired.

And now for my favorite shot, which I affectionately refer to as – “Death of a Booth” or “Craft Show Carcass” (note the collapsible crate I mentioned in this post):

Dismantling the Blue Roof Designs craft show booth

The ever-helpful hubby – a.k.a. “The Third Hand Man”

Picking it clean and packing it up until the next show…which is in 1 1/2 weeks. Oy. Back to the studio.

4 Responses to “Vermont Hand Crafters show wrap up”

By Sunnie-oldcrowfarm - 2 December 2008 Reply

HI Elissa: I’m glad you had a good show! I love the Holiday show and enjoy seeing the beautiful creations everyone brings! : )

I also had a great show despite the economy and several customers said they were buying fewer imports and supporting their local artists this year. So I was very pleased to hear that!

Enjoy, and I wish you success in all your shows! Hugs, Sunnie (the rug hooker & Santa-maker)

By elissa - 4 December 2008 Reply

Hi Sunnie!

Thanks for your good vibes…I have a show in a week and can use all the luck I can get. Good luck to you as well. I’m also glad to hear that your Santas have new homes. 🙂


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