Countdown to Vermont Hand Crafters…

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, I’ve been working like a mad woman, trying to get ready for my first craft show of the season (this weekend) – Vermont Hand Crafters.

I just tallied up my recent work and here’s what it looks like:

  • 23 photo albums of various sizes
  • 18 journals
  • 37 accordion books
  • 1 custom order album
  • 1 guest book
  • 1 Bridal Suite box (still in progress)

And all of that while working at a full-time job. And taking 2 business trips. And being sick. And not eating nearly enough cheese.

Handmade photo albums by Blue Roof Designs

I was somehow able to make just about everything on my wish list for production. I only have to finish my Bridal Suite box and I’m all done. As I look at these images, I’m able to stop and appreciate what I was able to accomplish.

Handmade accordion books by Blue Roof Designs

And now I’m done stopping. I wonder if I can make some new cards before I start packing the van tomorrow…

2 Responses to “Countdown to Vermont Hand Crafters…”

By Jackie - 18 November 2008 Reply

Good luck at the show. Sounds as if it has been exhausting but worth it.

By elissa - 19 November 2008 Reply

Thanks for your kind words Jackie. Very exhausting and VERY worth it. I love talking to folks at craft shows. I also like to recruit folks for the Vermont Book Arts Guild – there’s a lot of book-happy folks here in VT!

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