Deep in the heart of Texas

Texas welcome signHowdy y’all!

I’m in San Antonio, Texas right now for a board meeting of the Craft Emergency Relief Fund. I’ll be back in Vermont on Tuesday. Our meeting has been hosted by the Southwest School of Art & Craft, which has been great.

We got a very brief (can I just say not fair) tour of their Paper & Book Arts department. I took as many pictures as I could as we breezed through and I plan to write a longer post when I get home.

3 Responses to “Deep in the heart of Texas”

By Alanna - 3 November 2008 Reply

Now that is really surreal!! I was in that bookbinding class that you breezed through. Were you the short-haired lady that cooed about the book cloth?

By elissa - 4 November 2008 Reply

Hi Alanna,

Yes, that was me. What a very small world.

I hope you enjoyed your class [jealousy].

🙂 Elissa

By Jackie - 4 November 2008 Reply

Enjoying your blog, and archives. V. jealous of your classes. Thanks for the panel book template.

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