More Gocco anxiety…

As I mentioned back in May, panic motivated me to finally buy a Gocco printer. I bought it for $150 from Japan, which included shipping. To buy a new machine now, you’d have to pay anywhere from $295 – $485.95, not including shipping. Gocco printers are not going for much cheaper on Ebay.

The belief was that Gocco would continue production of supplies for the foreseeable future, even though they were going to stop manufacturing the printers in June. I was thankful I had one. I figured I was all set.

I was wrong.

I stumbled across a post on the Flickr Gocco discussion group that described how Riso would not only stop manufacturing Gocco supplies, but would also stop shipping supplies to the U.S. after 12/1/08. So that freaked me out a little bit, but I couldn’t go off the deep end without a second opinion.

From the Letters & Print website:

U.S. Gocco dealers received a communication on July 1, 2008, from the President & Chief Operating Officer of Riso stating that “the manufacturer will be discontinuing ALL Print Gocco products, including supplies. The letter continues, “the Print Gocco production technology will thereafter be unavailable and there will be no manufacturer of Print Gocco products. Finally, no more supplies will be filled (for U.S. vendors) after December 31, 2008.”

Okay, so I got a third opinion too. From the Wet Paint website:

JULY 2008: RISO, the manufacturer of the Print Gocco, has announced that they have discontinued production of this product, and will discontinue production of supplies.


I went on a buying spree, buying from 4 different online vendors. This is what I think I bought (what can I say other than not to buy stuff when you’re upset): 11 10-packs of bulbs, 7 5-packs of screens, a Gocco guide, and 24 inks.

Have I mentioned that I haven’t even used the machine yet? Not once?

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By Lia - 20 November 2008 Reply

hahahaha..your post is funny…coz it reminds me of me 😀 I just bought the PG5 package, without realizing it being discontinued! and I haven’t even used my system 😀

By elissa - 23 November 2008 Reply

Lia, it just gets funnier. I ordered even more supplies since I wrote this post. Once they get here, I’ll take a pic of all of them together. I’ve found that I really like looking at pictures of other folks’ stashes on the Gocco Flickr group…I think I need to see a doctor…

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