Super happy gluing tip

Glue Brush with Chopstick Rest

One of the best things about taking workshops is that you get to pick up little tips that make a huge difference in your work.

One of my favorite tips came from a table mate at the Focus on Book Arts conference last year. While she was gluing, she used a chopstick rest for her glue brush to keep it from rolling off the table – genius!

Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen has a great selection of chopstick rests. I’ve ordered from them before and had good service. If you’re looking for one that’s extra special, I recommend this one.

By the way, if you find a chopstick rest shaped like cheese, please let me know.

Me want.

3 Responses to “Super happy gluing tip”

By Benj Clark - 14 October 2008 Reply

Fabulous tip! Thanks.

By Lee Kottner - 15 October 2008 Reply

Another “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment. Thank you! Great tip.

By elissa - 15 October 2008 Reply

Benj & Lee,

I sure wish I could take credit for the tip. If you’re out there – person who sat next to me at the “Sewing Over Cords” workshop with Patricia Grass at the Focus on Book Arts conference – come claim all the praise and glory!


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