I bought myself a Kutrimmer!

Kutrimmer 1071So I had planned to spend this week blogging about my weekend with Carol Barton, but today I got distracted.

I did it.

I bought myself a Kutrimmer 1071.

As I discussed in this post, I have wanted one of these puppies forever. And today I bought one. I can’t believe it. I’d been watching one on Ebay marked with Buy it Now/Make an Offer. The Buy it Now price was $884.10 with free shipping. I decided to offer $700, which was about a 20% discount. The offer was accepted within half an hour.

Of course, there’s that nagging part of me that wonders why I didn’t offer less…the seller accepted my offer so quickly…

So now I just have to make a list of all the fun things I’m going to cut. That should make for an interesting blog topic. Kutrimmer…meet cheese (maybe not). Suggestions anyone?

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By jp46 - 22 September 2008 Reply

One way to easily improve how a kuttrimmer works is to bolt it firmly to a worksurface (at the proper height, lower than normal workbench height) and build an outfeed table on the left side to support long strip of board. Jeff

By elissa - 23 September 2008 Reply

That’s good advice. We did that with our miter saw and it does keep things from wiggling around as much. Now I just need to find the space to do it…

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