More book geek fun logoAs I discussed in my last post, I am a book geek. I love books about bookbinding and I have no cause for shame. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy all of the books I want, so I have had to become more resourceful in expanding my library.

I found a website called where you can trade your unwanted books, CDs, DVDs, or video games with other folks at no cost to you, other than shipping. You add your items to your “Have List” and your “Want List” and wait for the magic to happen. can set you up in a trade with one person or configure a three-way trade. I won’t bore you with all of the details – you can read them on their FAQ page if you’re interested in learning more.

So, if you do a search on bookbinding, you will come up with 244 items. Or at least I did when I just did the search. A search on papercrafts brings up 1,816 items. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a copy of all of those books available, but you can add all of them to your wish list and hope for the best. Maybe someone has a copy of one of them sitting around and you have just what they want. Then you just need to pay for media mail shipping and you get a new book.

I’m on my 8th trade now and haven’t run into problems with any of them. Sadly, none of them were bookbinding books. I did, however, come thisclose to getting The Century Of Artists’ Books, but then the person who had it on their “Have List” took it off. Meh. Maybe next time.

Oh, and if you have any bookbinding books hanging around that you don’t want, please oh please put them on Me wanting.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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