Book fixin’ continued…

Grrr…I missed my monthly meeting of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont today. Stupid rain. I was on my way up to Burlington when it started raining so hard that I couldn’t see. I decided to skip the drippy drive and went home. Then, of course, it stopped raining.

Did I mention stupid rain?

I used my newfound free time and continued working on the book repair I talked about in this post. I thought that gluing the book block into the spine would be an easy job. Apply glue to the spine, push the block into the cover, rub down the spine with a bone folder to facilitate adhesion.

Unfortunately, the owner of the book had covered it with a clear, stiff laminate to protect the cover. This made it impossible for me to work the spine with my bone folder because it had no give. I had to figure out a way to put constant pressure on the glued spine while it dried or it wouldn’t take.

Enter the chopstick.

Book repair by Elissa Campbell

Last night I took one of my pressing boards and lined up a couple of chopsticks next to it. I pushed the spine up to the chopsticks so it received constant pressure. Then I clamped both the pressing board and the book to my work table so they wouldn’t move. I crossed my fingers and let it sit overnight.

Today I took apart the setup and discovered that my chopstick improvisation worked. It hit the spine in just the right spot, giving it the pressure and adhesion it needed. Happy day! I learned that chopsticks are not just useful for decorating journals, but are also good for fixing them.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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