Touched by the spirit of collaboration

My hubby and I saw The Police in concert last night in Saratoga, NY.

I had waited over 25 years for my chance to see them live (giving some age hints here) and it was so much fun. The place was mobbed. We grabbed our tiny patch of grass and joined the masses as we sang along to the familiar tunes.

If you can believe it, Elvis Costello was the opening act for the show. He’s pretty fabulous in his own right. During his performance of Alison, out walks Sting who joins him for a duet. This is one of the reasons I love live music – you are given wonderful moments like this that you could never make up in your head.

This got me thinking about collaboration. I’ve often thought about working on a creative project with another artist. Maybe someone who doesn’t make books, but someone who works in another medium. Maybe a woodworker or metalsmith? I’ve done collaboration in classroom situations and have always enjoyed it.

I don’t even know how you approach someone to see if they’ll work with you. “Hi. I like your stuff. Wanna play with me?” Do you come up with the idea first and approach someone or do you talk to someone and work on the concept together? Or do you already have a relationship with the person before you talk to them?

I’m open to all suggestions and/or tips on how such a collaboration might work. I’d also love to hear about your experiences of working with other artists on joint projects. Pictures would be great too!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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