Writer’s Block Soaps by Soapylove

Sometimes I see something and it just clicks with my book-making brain. I found these fabulous soaps by Soapylove, a.k.a. Debbie Chialtas.

Writer's Block Soaps by Soapylove

Debbie explains on her blog, The Soap Lab, that her Writer’s Block Soap is “handmade with a unique graphic design on the surface which is reminiscent of old typewriters and scrawled notes on napkins.” I have no idea how she did that on soap. And I don’t want to know. I want it to stay magical. They are just so lovely!

Her soaps are like open-faced books. The concept of soap as a book form is really intriguing to me. You create text and/or an image that gets used up/consumed. It dissolves/disintegrates/melts away. You clean/nourish/soothe yourself with it. You get to create content that isn’t meant to last/as a limited lifespan. The whole idea is rich with metaphor (there’s my inner art therapist again).

Writer's Block Soaps by Soapylove

And better yet, the soap is coffee-scented. Geez, I just wanna eat one!

Debbie hasn’t added the soaps to her Soapylove store yet, but you can purchase them on her blog. Make sure to turn up the sound on your computer when you visit her blog – she’s got Black Coffee in Bed playing in the background. You have to appreciate a sense of humor that’s based in 80’s music.

Many thanks go to Debbie for allowing me to use her wonderful photos.

UPDATE: These soaps are sold out. 🙁

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