Le Tour de Garage Annex School

Last month I wrote a post about the Garage Annex School. I mentioned how huge the studio was and how it was jam-packed with boxes of stuff and equipment that was bigger than me. Well, on the last day of my class with Julie Chen, I took a photographic tour of the studio to show you what I was talking about.

First are some shots of the studio/classroom. So very large. Look all of that storage space.


Garage Annex School - Classroom

Classroom area

Garage Annex School - Classroom

Second room

Next comes the equipment in all of its weighty goodness. Even though I don’t know what all of these things are and/or do, I would still invite them in for dinner if they showed up at my front door. If anyone can give me insight into the details on these machines, please let me know and I’ll update my post.

Board shear

Board shear

Book Presses


Book press

Super duper press

Bookbinding equipment

A paper cutter?

Bookbinding finishing press

Finishing Press – thanks Alanna!

Bookbinding equipment

Someone told me this bends metal

It was not easy coming back to my studio after my class last week. Then I thought about how little space I have to clean and I felt better. Not that I clean my studio much, but I did feel better.

5 Responses to “Le Tour de Garage Annex School”

By Derek Lyons - 17 July 2008 Reply

🙂 Not that my studio is any great shakes, but compact means everything is in reach without getting up…

By elissa - 17 July 2008 Reply

Derek –

I know that even if my studio were 10x its current size, I’d still fill it up and want a bigger space. Or it would just look empty because I couldn’t afford things to fill it up.

Geez, I don’t know which is worse…


By Alanna - 3 November 2008 Reply

I’m pretty sure that the second to last image is of a laying press

By Alanna - 3 November 2008 Reply

Should have gone with my first instinct, the finishing press!

By elissa - 4 November 2008 Reply

Alanna –

Thanks so much for the information – I updated the caption on that pic.

I have a picture from the SW school that I’ll upload later…I have no idea what the piece of equipment is…I’m counting on you to help me out. 🙂


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