Julie Chen workshop: Day 4

Once again, we started the morning with a collaborative art book. This time, our partner was chosen at random. You can see the results of our work below. The overall concept was a much simpler than yesterday’s (yes, the blue roof was intentional).

Collaborative Book Project from Julie Chen workshop

No other new projects were introduced today (phew!). We spent almost the entire day working on our timeline/panel books. We were told that our books should be completed today so that they could press overnight. I was able to finish my book around 4 p.m., which was surprising considering how many problems I ran into (Stupid glue! What are you doing there? I didn’t put you there!).

Here are some shots of my final book:

Panel Book by Elissa Campbell

Panel Book – front view

Panel Book pages by Elissa Campbell

Page Span 1, text reads “Opening Up”

Panel Book pages by Elissa Campbell

Page Span 2, text reads “Letting In”

Panel Book pages by Elissa Campbell

Page Span 3, text reads “Absorbing”

Panel Book pages by Elissa Campbell

Page Span 4, text reads “Overwhelming”

Panel Book pages by Elissa Campbell

Page Span 5, text reads “Closing Down”

For the next hour or so, I worked on completing my text/image card book, which I talked about in yesterday’s post. These books are being bound with a comb binding, which I’ve never done myself. I’m both frightened and intrigued by the comb binding machine thingie. I think that I would very much like to not comb bind myself.

My plan is to write blog post about tomorrow, the last day of Julie’s class (meh). However, I’ll be driving back home to Vermont tomorrow evening and unless I want to take a detour to Crazy Town, I’ll wait until Saturday to do it.

And in case you’re wondering, Crazy Town is not accessible via GPS.

7 Responses to “Julie Chen workshop: Day 4”

By Hilary - 11 July 2008 Reply

Your Panel Book looks fantastic – you did a really good job! I hope you are really pleased with what you achieved.

By Cali - 11 July 2008 Reply

Comb binding isn’t my favorite either. I only use a proclick. But that’s not the important part. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. What magnificent designs.

By elissa - 12 July 2008 Reply

Hilary –

I am quite happy with the panel book. Being my critical self, I can see little bits that are flawed, but then I remember that it’s part of the learning process. I need to accept the whole for what it is and not focus on the little pieces.

I plan to use the piece as my entry for this September’s book arts exhibition at the Burlington City Arts Firehouse during Burlington’s Festival of the Book.


By elissa - 12 July 2008 Reply

Cali –

I never heard of ProClick – thanks for the introduction. It seems to be an interesting variation on the comb binding. I like how you can more easily add and remove pages from the completed binding. I’ll keep the idea in my repertoire of possibilities when developing projects. Thanks!


By Jennifer - 13 December 2008 Reply

Hi Elissa

the panel book is lovely… your books are beautiful! I was wondering if you had a tutorial or wouldn’t mind giving me instructions on how to make a panel book like that one. I would really appreciate it! I’m just a beginner. My email is Hope to hear from you! 🙂

By elissa - 21 December 2008 Reply

Hi Jennifer,

I led a panel book workshop for the Vermont Book Arts Guild in October and wrote about it in this post.

In that post, there’s a posted template that you can use for creating each panel of the book. If you need more directions, just let me know.


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