Interview in Seven Days is out!

Last week I mentioned that I was interviewed by a reporter from Seven Days, a Vermont independent newspaper. This past Monday, I met with a photographer at my studio to take some inventory and action shots.

Waiting for the newspaper to come out today was unbearable. I went to a local distribution spot several times before I finally snagged myself a pile. The article is also available on the Seven Days website.

If you scroll down to the end of article, you’ll see a picture of me. I didn’t have any work in progress at the time of the photo shoot and the photographer wanted a picture of me working – I had to unbind a book so I had something to work on during the shoot. Let me admit up front that I do NOT like having my picture taken. That said, I really like the picture that accompanies the article. My hair is sufficiently non-wacky. I have a decent smile. I’m not dressed like a shlub.

However, the best thing about this picture is that it looks like my studio is located in a spaceship – and yet somehow, I look normal. I have no idea where that weird glow in the background came from. The photographer did not set up any strange lights or attach bizarro lenses to his camera. I do not work in a microwave. It’s just weird. I want my studio to look like that all the time.

On another note, I’m leaving in 38 minutes for my summer vacation. I should be wrapping up my packing, but I couldn’t resist squeezing in one more post. July 7th will be the first day of my 5-day workshop with Julie Chen at the Garage Annex School, which I talked about in this post. I hope to take lots of pictures during the workshop and will try to write a post every day about the experience. Unless I spend all waking hours making stuff.

See you in July!

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