Keith Smith books on sale at Oak Knoll Books

Oak Knoll Books logoI am a pathological bargain hunter. When I find a deal, I get all happy inside.

Today I found out that Oak Knoll Books that is having a sale. Saweet! On their homepage, you can see the following sale announcement: “New books on sale in June, free shipping!”

When you click on the link, the next web page says this:

20% Off & Free Shipping on orders of 2 or more! We have chosen over 65 new books (not Oak Knoll Press titles) to offer on sale in June. This is a different selection than the books that were on sale in May. We hope you find something of interest!

Now I have a lot of bookbinding books and I’m pretty picky. I did not expect to find anything that would rock my socks. I was wrong.

The sale list includes the following 3 Keith Smith books:

  • Bookbinding for Book Artists
  • Structure of the Visual Book
  • 200 Books, an Annotated Bibliography

Yes, this is a small selection, but if you’ve ever shopped for Keith Smith books, then you know what a steal this is. It is really hard to find his books used (who would give up one of his books?), much less on sale. 20% off and free shipping is a great deal. Find yourself a bookbinding friend and split the order to get the free shipping. I bought a copy of 200 Books, an Annotated Bibliography, the one book missing from my collection.

I am a happy duck.

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