Newspaper interview with Seven Days

Yesterday I was interviewed by reporter Amy Lilly from Seven Days. Seven Days is a weekly independent newspaper, sort of like Vermont’s answer to the Boston Phoenix.

Amy had seen my work in a gallery a couple of years ago and was recently reintroduced to my work via the Vermont Crafts Council website. She asked me if she could come to my studio and use me as a subject for her column Handmade Tales. Handmade Tales features a different Vermont artist each week. Amy does a great job of painting a portrait of the artist with her words. It was a pleasant surprise when she contacted me (although I had to clean my studio).

She arrived at my studio yesterday afternoon. I have been interviewed a couple of times before and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I’m probably more enthusiastic during conversation than one might expect. I talk fast and say embarrassing things. But these things are just classic me. I can hear my voice when I read the words that I can’t believe I’ve said.

I told Amy that if I started talking too fast, that she should feel free to tell me to slow down. Start me talking about bookbinding and I’m off at the races.

We talked about how I started in bookbinding, how I ended up in Vermont, where I look for supplies (and inspiration). I talked a lot. And fast. She took a lot of notes.

I suspect that she will write something that makes me sound a bit less wackadoodle, but if not, that’s okay. That’s just who I am.

A photographer will be contacting me next week to arrange an appointment to take my picture. This was a bummer because yesterday was a really good hair day. I’m praying for low humidity next week.

The article is scheduled for publication on June 25th. Luckily, this is the day before I leave for vacation so I can grab a bunch of copies. The column is also published on the Seven Days website, so I’ll publish a link to it when it becomes available.

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By Christine - 15 June 2008 Reply

Way to go, girl!
I cannot wait to read it.

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