Cool Gocco-related find #1: color charts

So now that I have a Gocco printer, I have been engaging in what must be a long-honored tradition of becoming obsessed with finding out every little detail about the little devil. I started making a list of all the cool web resources I found until my search came to a screeching halt after doing a search on Etsy.

What I found was shop blue22, a.k.a Jamie from New York City. So Jamie has gone and done a genius thing – he gathered all of the official Gocco inks he could find (59 to be exact) and printed them on different colors of paper so you can see how they print before you use them or even buy them.

Gocco ink color chart - black, white, grey

With each set of cards you receive a transparent overlay so you can identify each ink – Jamie calls it a “Color Matrix”. In my opinion, anything called a matrix can’t be bad. Unless it’s a sequel.

The first set of charts I saw was what you see in the image at right – inks printed on black, gray, and white cardstocks. But that was just the beginning.

Then I saw his super happiness set (my name, not his) – the 28 card set.

Gocco ink color charts

Hmmm… which one do you think I want? With a set of these charts, there’s nothing to stop me from buying every color ink in existence. I no longer have to worry about something not working out. I can proceed in all my Gocco rainbow bliss. I am so screwed.

** Many thanks go to Jamie who graciously allowed me to use images from his Etsy shop so you can directly witness the coolness of his Gocco charts.

3 Responses to “Cool Gocco-related find #1: color charts”

By Christine - 11 June 2008 Reply

Hello Elissa,
You’re passionate… I can see… Did you see my email on I want to be sure it did not get into your spam or something!

By elissa - 11 June 2008 Reply

Hi Christine,

Nope, didn’t get it. I am vaguely familiar with Cafepress though. Whadja find?


By Christine - 11 June 2008 Reply

OK… I am going to send it again to your email… and if you don’t get it, I will write here…
Have a good day!

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