Supplier Rave – May Arts Ribbon

I love ribbon. I really do. I would drape my walls in ribbon if I could afford it. No, I would drape it on myself.

To clarify, I love most ribbons. I hate hate hate wired ribbons. When they get smushed they look really sad. One of my favorite manufacturers and my primary supplier is May Arts. There are many reasons to like these folks:

  1. They make fabulous ribbon in tons of colors, patterns, and textures.
  2. Their prices are affordable.
  3. They have a low minimum order.
  4. They have great customer service.
  5. Their shipping is speedy.
  6. They’re always willing to send you samples.

So there you go. Six reasons to pick up the phone, give them a call, and get yourself a catalog. I have been ordering from them for years and have never been disappointed.

The KA line is described as “Woven/Iridescent” by May Arts.

May Arts Ribbon - KA line

I use these ribbons on the majority of my photo albums and the texture and color really adds a touch of luxury. It has 30 yards on a roll and is made of 60% nylon and 40% polyester. It also comes in several widths. This stuff is the silkiest ribbon I have ever felt – a step up from your typical satin ribbon. I love love love it and it’s definitely my favorite ribbon of all time.

Many of the colors have multiple tones woven in, so depending on your angle, the predominant color can change. The last time I bought this ribbon, I paid $12.00 for a 1.5″ width. At $.40 a yard, you can’t pass it up.

May Arts describes the KN line as “Solid/Two Tone”.

May Arts Ribbon - KN line

I use these ribbons primarily on accordion books and on occasion, I’ll use them for photo albums. The edge of these ribbons tends to contrast more than those in the KA line and the colors used are bolder. This ribbon has 50 yards on a roll and only comes in one width – 3/8″.

The texture isn’t as silky as the KA line, but it’s still smooth to the touch. I’d describe it as having slightly more texture than a satin ribbon. The last time I purchased this ribbon, I paid $10.00 per roll – only $.20 a yard.

The prices I’ve quoted are wholesale, so if you want to order from them, you’ll have to provide them with your business ID. Please note that the prices I’ve quoted may not still be accurate as of now and they don’t include shipping.

In general, their prices have not increased drastically over the past several years. Their shipping prices are quite reasonable and if you’re buying multiple rolls, it doesn’t add much to the overall cost. I hereby give these guys the Blue Roof Designs “Blue Ribbon of Fabulousness”.

Of course, the ribbon is made with May Arts ribbon.

2 Responses to “Supplier Rave – May Arts Ribbon”

By Christine - 31 May 2008 Reply

Nice work Elissa! And your studio looked so good! I am somewhat of an artist myself, and I enjoyed looking at what you do. You also seem to have the Internet thing all figured out with Flickr and Facebook etc… Good for you… I found you because you actually made the first page on Google when I typed “open studio week-end”. Well done! May be one day we could meet and talk… May be I can show you some really nice hand-made paper I bought in Bhutan a few months ago … (now, you’re intrigued… may be you’re even like I was one year ago and don’t know where Bhutan is! I will let you investigate… or may be you can see it in one of my blogs
Christine, Barre, Vermont that’s my new project!

By elissa - 31 May 2008 Reply

Thanks so much Christine!

It’s funny what you said about the Google search for Open Studio Weekend – Martha Fitch, the Executive Director of the VT Crafts Council, sent me an Email telling me the same thing. It just goes to show how valuable blogs can be! I’m still trying to decide if I’m an artist with the soul of a computer geek or a computer geek with the soul of an artist.

I’m always up for seeing some new paper (in case you haven’t read all my posts, I have a bit of a paper problem). Oh, and I see I’ve been busted on my geographic disability – I almost never know where anything is [Googles Bhutan]. Luckily, I married someone who is a bit of a walking globe.


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