Open Studio Weekend – recap

I survived Open Studio Weekend!

Well, most of me did. My feet have seceded from my body and are now hitchhiking down I-89, looking for a new place to live.

Vermont Open Studio Weekend sign

I had so much fun meeting people – everyone who does the tour is so friendly. You never get people in a bad mood. I only wish that more kids came – their eyes are so wide and they always ask the best questions. They’re like sponges. I envy them, still able to look at everything with fresh eyes.

Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to blogging about something other than Open Studio (only a year until the next one!). I have achieved a clean studio and I am so proud. I also know that by this time next week, it will no longer be quite so sparkly.

Cleanliness aside, my studio does not look like this on a regular basis for practical reasons – I need space to do my work. Where the shelf units are is where I usually have my cutting station and my desk. I move these out of the studio so I can make room to display my work.

It’s a dilemma I face every year – how can I display my work and yet still stay true to the functionality of my studio? The bottom line is that I have a small studio and I need to work with the space I have. I explained it to visitors like this – my studio is like a kitchen work triangle – things are within arm’s reach, making work more efficient.

Handmade books on shelves at the Blue Roof Designs studio

Even if for a short time, I do like seeing all my work set up on shelves in my studio. It makes me feel more professional and it gives me a chance to reflect on my body of work. I can remember how much I’ve accomplished in the last year and I can make decisions about what I want to discontinue doing and what I want to develop further.

If I ever move into a bigger studio, I might consider having a small gallery section where I can always have my work on display.

Handmade books and cards on display at the Blue Roof Designs studio

One of the advantages of coming to my studio during Open Studio Weekend is my seconds/discontinued items section. The majority of these aren’t really seconds, but more like orphans. They’re the remainders of a discontinued line and I just want them to go to a good home. They need some lovin!

The discounts on these pieces are usually at least 50%, which makes my work available to people who may not otherwise be able to afford it. At times, it can be hard to reduce prices, but in this situation, it’s win-win. Sometimes you just need to move inventory to make room for new work.

I am happy to report that many of my orphans are now with happy families.

2 Responses to “Open Studio Weekend – recap”

By Seth - 26 May 2008 Reply

Your books look amazing grouped together on the shelves and on the table.

By elissa - 27 May 2008 Reply

Thanks! I get so used to seeing them stacked up on the shelves in my closet that I forget how nifty they look on display. Once I take them out and set them up, I look at them and ask “I did that?” It’s a strange experience.

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