Open Studio Weekend update #2, AKA: The Value of Snacks

I’ve made some progress over the last few days with regards to my preparations for Open Studio Weekend. Here’s my revised to-do list:

  1. Clean my studio (meh)
  2. Choose item for visitor raffle
  3. Purchase snacks for visitors (good snacks = happy visitors)
  4. Make scrap bags Make more scrap bags
  5. Make a whole bunch of accordion books (only 12 more to go)
  6. Finish print local map for distribution by Montpelier Watershed Artists (almost done – a big thanks to Jennifer Boyer!)

What? The studio isn’t clean yet? Well, I’ve been too busy dealing with snacks. You may be laughing, but the snacks you choose can make or break your open studio.

I’ve really done a lot of thinking about this. My first instinct, when it comes to snacks, will always lead me to cheese (drroooollllll). However, think about how cheese looks when it’s been sitting around for seven hours. Stinky. Gross. Sweaty. Ew.

Then the mind wanders over to chocolate. Ah, but when one eats it, it gets all melty and then you have to worry about sticky chocolate hands touching your work. Do you really want to be a member of the Gooey Hands Police? I thought not.

The one thing I’ve heard over the last 4 years is that folks want nutritious snacks. They’ve been driving around a lot, have often eaten fast food for lunch, and they feel yucky. They want a good-for-you munchie.

This led me to the discovery of Perfect Snack #1: baby carrots. They’re a vegetable that doesn’t act like a vegetable. They don’t leave crumbs and aren’t sticky. Perfect.

Then there are those who want something sweet. Okay, but as I mentioned earlier, I fear sticky, gooey snacks. This led me to Perfect Snack #2: Fig Newtons. Sweet and cookie-ish, but still fruity and sorta healthy (I get the fat free ones). And they’re pretty crumb free. Score.

For whatever reason, I have determined that in order to have a successful snack scenario, you must have three options. I needed a salty option to complete the snack puzzle. This led me to my last choice: Triscuits (reduced fat). Not entirely crumb-free, but flavorful and not too dry. Besides, I need to have snacks that I like to eat. When you’re not looking, I’m almost certainly (and oh so delicately), cramming a Triscuit in my mouth.

Add some spring water and apple juice to the mix and you’ve yourself a bang-up spread. A diverse selection of munchies with a high yum factor and a low risk for messiness and/or damage to your work.

2 Responses to “Open Studio Weekend update #2, AKA: The Value of Snacks”

By Martha Fitch - 27 May 2008 Reply

When I googled Open Studio + Vermont, your blog was on the first page out of 24,000 links.

Wow. And your group LOVES you!

By elissa - 27 May 2008 Reply

It just goes to show how great blogs are! More artists need to talk about their work this way.

It’s good to hear that the group (Montpelier Watershed Artists) was happy. They’re so much fun to work with.

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