Open Studio Weekend update #1

Yesterday I had my first official “Oh crap!” moment with regards to Open Studio Weekend. I have one week left. My studio looks like a bookbinding bomb hit it. There is paper everywhere. I took a picture of my studio and asked my husband if I should include it in this post. He shook his head.

That’s never good.

At least I have accomplished a few things, as evidenced by the number of things crossed off my list.

  1. Clean my studio (meh)
  2. Distribute tour maps to local establishments
  3. Update signs to direct visitors to my studio
  4. Submit press release for Montpelier Watershed Artist group
  5. Submit calendar listings to local publications and online event calendars
  6. Choose item for visitor raffle
  7. Purchase snacks for visitors (good snacks = happy visitors)
  8. Make scrap bags Make more scrap bags
  9. Make a whole bunch of accordion books
  10. Finish print local map for distribution by Montpelier Watershed Artists.

In the image below, you can see the signs that are used throughout the state for Open Studio Weekend. If you’re driving around Vermont on Memorial Day weekend and see a gazillion yellow signs on the road, now you know why. All of the participating artists use the same signs, each customized with their studio number (I’m #242 – a palindrome studio).

Vermont Open Studio Weekend signs

I’ve heard that some folks drive up to Vermont and drive around until they find a yellow sign and that’s how they start their tour. I wish that I could tour other studios and yet still be here to meet people in my studio.

I’ll start that cloning research next week.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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