Okay, you got me. This post is not about scrapple.

I just like saying scrapple.

I went to college in Philadelphia and actually ate the stuff when I was there. I did not know what was in it at the time, I swear. The stuff actually tastes good until you know what’s in it.

I don’t like to throw things away. I’m a saver. It drives my husband nuts. This is especially true when I’m working in the studio. I will save the smallest scrap of paper because I can’t bear to part with it.

Piles of paper scraps

I have a plastic tub to house these treasures. Then the tub gets full.

And I get cranky because things get all smushed.

At this point, I have two options:

  1. Make cards – This is a great way to use up yummy paper scraps.
  2. Make scrap bags – Part with your dear friends and share your scraps with the world.

Once a year I endure the trauma of option #2. I make batches of scrap bags for folks to purchase during Open Studio Weekend. As I go through my scrap tub, I will inevitably have these moments where I look longingly at a scrap and think, “I remember you. You are so pretty. I glued some of you to a book. I’m sorry that you didn’t make the cut. Please don’t hate me. I changed my mind. You can stay.”

After going through enough of these moments, I finally grab a bunch and start sorting. In the image below, you can see what my work table looked like today.

Piles of paper scraps

Ah, the memories. Scrapple. [Focus, Elissa, focus]

Lucky me, I was able to engage in happy pile-making for a few hours. Even though it looks messy, the piles are organized using a highly scientific method of looking at scraps and putting them in a pile. It’s a skill that took years to develop.

I’m hoping to have around 20 scrap bags done by next weekend, 24 if I’m lucky. It’s a little known secret that if you visit me at a craft show and ask me if I have any scrap bags, I will likely have a few hidden under the table. So if you can’t make it to Open Studio Weekend and want to see one, just ask for one at a show.

I’m always happy to pull one out of my scrapple hat.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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