Ode to flat files

I figured that it’s time for me to show you a bit of my studio.

I love love love my flat files. I refuse to go back to a life where I didn’t have them in my life.

Paper flat files

When I first became serious with my bookbinding, I would buy paper and keep it rolled up, as it was when I bought it. Then I had enough paper that I couldn’t really keep it rolled (plus it curled the paper), so I started storing it between layers of cardboard under my bed.

Then I had so much paper under the bed that I started getting nervous. I just didn’t have an appropriate spot in my studio to keep it.

Chris surprised me with my first flat file for a birthday gift – it’s the gray one in the photo. He bought it from eBay and I was so thrilled.

One day, Chris had a meeting at an office in Burlington. He told me that the office was moving and they had 4 flat files that they were giving away for free. I told him that I wanted all of them.

Now you should know that these things are BIG (the stack of three files in the photo is 54″ wide x 46″ tall x 41″ deep). These are not easy to transport nor easy to find space for in a room.

After reality set in, I settled for the two blue ones (to this day I still mourn the loss of the other two). We borrowed a trailer from Chris’ parents and hauled them home.

Unryu papers

These flat files rule my life and I let them. We have an understanding.

My bookbinding studio is located on the ground floor of my house, which we built in 2004. We designed the size and shape of my studio based on the size and shape of my flat files.

I’ve often thought that after I die, the drawers can be removed and I can buried inside the shell…I might need to be rolled up a bit, but I think I can fit in there.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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