RIP: Pretty wood paper from Paris

My husband and I went to Paris in the summer of 2001. It was during this trip that I started the tradition of buying paper whenever possible on our vacations.

I can’t help myself.

When went to Washington D.C. in 2005, I made a stop at the Paper Source in Georgetown. In 2006, when we went to New Mexico, it was Papers! and Papergami in Albuquerque. Last year it was an amazing overnight stay and studio tour with Peggy Skycraft in Oregon (I have idolized her for years and her paper does not disappoint).

So back to Paris. It was our last day and we spent some time shopping in a department store. I turned a corner and saw a rack of wrapping papers. There I spotted the most lovely wood veneer paper – very subtle and light-grained.

I had to have it.

Wood veneer paper from Paris, France

Wood veneer paper from Paris, France

I picked out two sheets and had them wrapped up. I immediately realized how stupid this was, because now I had to get it home safely without a protective tube to carry it in.

I have never walked so defensively in my life – I held the paper close to my body with my elbows pointed out in case anyone bumped into me. I was really a freak. I did, however, manage to get it home without any damage.

I put it in storage for the day when I would use it for a journal or photo album – who cared? It was just so fabulous. So it sat in storage…for 6 1/2 years. I was afraid to use it. I would open my paper files and look at it lovingly, then close the drawer and work with something else. I could not bring myself to use this precious find.

Until recently.

A friend commissioned me to make him a sketch book and chose the wood veneer paper for the cover. I actually felt okay about it. So I cut up the paper and started to glue it to a piece of bookboard.

Let me tell you – this paper does not like glue.

It bubbled up like a bad sunburn. I swore a lot. A lot.

I waited 6 1/2 years for this?

Grrrrrrr….so I peeled the paper off and sanded down my bookboard, ready to give up. Then I waited a couple of weeks and decided to try Yes! Stikflat glue. I hate this stuff. It’s like working with a blend of Vaseline and snot. Somehow it always makes me dizzy when I use it. It claims to not wrinkle papers, so I figured why not?

So I gave it a shot.

Needless to say, I’m here on the computer and not in my studio.

The glue sorta worked, but the paper doesn’t like to be bent either. It cracked and peeled.

Grrrrrrr….fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….whatever, I give up. I’ll use it to make some collaged cards.

2 Responses to “RIP: Pretty wood paper from Paris”

By jason - 10 April 2008 Reply

Could you use it for kindling or something?

By elissa - 10 April 2008 Reply

A slow, burning paper death would certainly make me feel better about the whole thing. Not that I still have issues about it today…


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