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The Book of Craig

In my last post, you saw the page that I created for The Book of Craig: A Creative Festschrift (yep, that's the name). Now I can show you the finished book.Before I do that, here are some book-related numbers:Total pages: 40Thread length used: 10 yardsBinding time: 296 minutes (4.93 hours)Total production

Top secret custom order in progress…

I just completed the covers for the super-secret custom project that I mentioned back in January. All of the contributor pages are in, so I'm good to go!I started by determining the placement for an inset book title, which will be letterpressed by the fabulous May Day Studio.I used my X-Acto knife

Book Arts and Paper Arts in Japan

There's a 98% chance that I'll be going to Japan for my summer vacation and I can barely contain my excitement! The 2% of uncertainty is due to the fact that we haven't yet purchased airline tickets.In usual me fashion, I have begun with the obsessive planning. What does that mean? It means

Tooling around with Tyvek

As I mentioned in this blog post back in January, I'm working on a custom book that will be a gift for an as-yet-unnamed someone. Blank pages were sent to 100 artists to create artwork for inclusion in the book. They have two months to complete their pages.Since I know the intended recipient, I got

Happy 8th Blogiversary!

Today is the eighth anniversary of the day I started this blog!Out of curiosity, I looked up the traditional and modern anniversary gifts for year eight. Here's what I found:Traditional: Pottery/BronzeModern: Linens/LaceIn order to satisfy both the traditional and modern themes, I have no choice but to buy myself some Bronze Momi and Ogura

Join the Fold workshop

Last week I taught a fun class at Studio Place Arts on origami books titled Join the Fold. Here's the description:We'll be playing in the intersection between origami and bookmaking, creating folded books that require no adhesive. Many of the forms can be created from a single sheet of paper.

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