Activist letterpress

In my 8+ years of blogging, I have made a point of not expressing my political views in my posts. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions and I'd rather not get into debates here - I want this to be a happy place.That said, I have been in a major
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Liam’s Red Dragon

Warning: This is a long post about a book that took me a long time to finish. I really wanted to punch it in the face. But it was a book and didn't have a face, which sucked.The making of the book was put in motion by a monthly bookbinding challenge on Instagram
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It has now come to this…3D bone folder printing

As I was going about my daily routine of non-focused internet searching, I discovered a company that will make you a bone folder using a 3D printer. Shapeways allows you to print objects using a variety of materials, including plastic, gold, sterling silver, steel, and castable wax.Welcome to the future.The designer
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Are You Book Enough?

I've got these two projects I've been putting off for a while now. One is because I'm worried that I'll screw it up and the other because, well, I'm lazy. Definitely not a good excuse.I'm happy to say that I got the incentive I needed to get moving on one
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Bookin’ in Brooklyn

When my hubby pitched the idea of going to New York for New Year's, I was psyched. However, I didn't have any interest in going to Times Square - that's for people much more tolerant (and younger) than me.My plans were much more specific - Brooklyn, baby. I wanted to
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Adios 2016!

Confession time - I get really cranky this time of year. There's just something about the time between Christmas and New Year's - why doesn't it go faster? I'm ready for next year!This period of time is informally known as Elissa Reflects and Beats Herself up for All the Things She Didn't
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Dream job – G. F Smith’s Paper Consultants

As is my way, I was in the midst of an unfocused internet browse when I encountered the G.F. Smith website. Originating in London, the company has been supplying creative industries with paper for over 130 years. To say that they're just a paper distributor is simply not okay.Check out their Founding Legacy: Damn, I like
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Awesome resources – IU Libraries Book Repair Manual and the Studio Protector

Elise Calvi, the Head of General Collections Conservation and Conservation Services at Indiana University Libraries recently posted on the Book Arts Listserv that their online book repair manual had been updated.From their website:This manual documents many of the treatment procedures used in the General Collections Conservation (GCC) Lab of the Indiana University
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Visit to Chena River Marblers

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to do something I've wanted to do for a while - attend Chena River Marblers' open studio.In the past, I always had something else going on during the event, but it worked out well this time around. I had to be
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