Worktable Wednesday

Today I spent a lot of time folding paper for accordion books. Folding, folding, folding. I've accumulated quite a few sets of covers that are just waiting to be filled. I also worked on lining leather with lokta paper. These will be covers for coptic journals I'll be binding at this Saturday's Demos and Desserts at the Miller's Thumb gallery. I spent the majority of my time working on a final report for the Vermont Arts Council - this was for the grant I received to go to the Paper and Book Intensive. I am a chronic self-editor, so there was lots of typing and erasing. I finally printed out a draft and forced asked my hubby to look it over. Once he gave me the okay, I decided
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Wayback Wednesday

Right around the time I got my Kelsey, I made contact with Dick Goodwin, letterpress dude. He was so generous with his time and skill, giving me a tour of his shop and sharing his knowledge about the basics (I still have a lot to learn). He's been collecting letterpress equipment since 1961 and it is quite the spectacular collection. I was lucky enough to acquire a cabinet from Dick so that I can put my soon-to-be-mine type in it. It's a Ludlow cabinet with 20 cases in it. The thing is a behemoth and it weighs a bajillion pounds. There's no room in my studio for the cabinet, so it lives smack in the middle of our home office (there's no room in there either). The plan
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Website changes

I'm making a few changes on my website and there's dust flying all over the place! The biggie is that I've opened up a store, so now you can buy my handmade books directly from me instead of going to Etsy. I'm still working out the bugs (my images are a bit blurry), but I'm already much happier with how people can view my work. The other change involves my commenting system. I've added a WordPress plugin that will allow you to respond to blog posts via Email. What makes this interesting is that you can reply to your Email and it will carry your reply over to the blog post, all without you having to visit the post - just reply and you're done! In order for
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Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild

This week I dropped off inventory at the Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild, a lovely gallery in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. I've had my work on display there for a number of years now and I've never shared any images of the space. They have work on display by over 100 artists and it's a wonderful selection of Vermont craft. They've done a good job curating the work. I'm proud to be a member of the gallery, especially now that it's part of the network of Vermont State Craft Centers. The designation requires rigorous review to ensure that a gallery is a good representative of Vermont craft - it's quite an honor for a gallery to be designated. I highly recommend that you visit the gallery if you're ever in
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Wayback Wednesday

A couple of years ago, I got a lovely Kelsey 5x8 Excelsior Press Model U letterpress. I acquired it from the awesome bookbinder Stephanie Gibbs, who posted it on the Book Arts listserv. It's in fantastic shape. Stephanie even threw in a bunch of type with the press. Lucky me! Sadly, I haven't used it yet - I don't have all of the equipment needed to run a press. I have  been working on that over the past couple of years, but it's slow going. So far, I have a galley and wood furniture. I've been offered help in setting up my press by another wonderful Stephanie (and book artist) - Stephanie Wolff. She recently guest starred in the Tour de Lead Graffiti, a fabulous letterpress project inspired
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Happy National Book Lover’s Day!

It's pretty obvious that I love books and in celebration of National Book Lover's Day (that's today), I'm offering my dear blog readers 15% off your purchase of any of my books on Etsy! Use code BKLVR2014 at checkout to get the discount. This offer expires on August 11, 2014 so head on over to the shop today!
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Wayback Wednesday

I have a backlog of blog posts (backblog?) that have never been completed and it's bumming me out. I still want to share the content, so I'll be publishing under the heading of Wayback Wednesday for these posts. Several years ago, I posted on Twitter that I liked a hand-carved wood bone folder made by Randy Arnold. I received a wonderful response from Todd Sanders who offered to make me one. I was so touched by his generosity that I decided to make him a bone folder book in return. The cover is bookboard covered with several layers of Kinwashi tissue. The pages are made from French Paper Speckletone True White text. It was bound using a double-needle coptic stitch with 4-ply waxed linen thread. This book was
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