Mini Mixed Media Cards workshop at Studio Place Arts

This past weekend I taught a Mini Mixed Media Cards workshop at Studio Place Arts in Barre, VT. This workshop was a condensed version of a workshop I've taught before. My students had to keep up with a faster pace and they did a great job! We started with a discussion of different methods of attachment - eyelets, roller adhesive, ribbon, etc. Next, we worked on a simple method of image transfer - the trusted blender pen. It may be stinky, but it works so well. We moved on to carving rubber stamps by hand. It takes some time to get the hang of carving technique (you don't want to direct the carving tools towards your hand while you work). One of my class rules is that
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Going to Focus on Book Arts!

Registration for the Focus on Book Arts conference opened up this week and I’m thrilled that I can now say that I’m going! I was afraid to commit to saying it until I had the registration confirmation. This will be my fifth time attending the conference. Not surprisingly, a number of the workshops are already full. This includes Jill Timm‘s fantastic The Amazing Dremel workshop, which I had the pleasure of attending several years ago. I had a difficult time making my workshop selections - they all sounded so good. I finally settled on the following: Sharpening and Maintenance of Tools for Book Arts with Jim Croft: People learning about sharpening and how to shape specialty knives People obviously do great work without knowing much about sharpening, but knowing
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Worktable Wednesday

Today I worked on completing the last of one of one of my Book Arts Improv editions - it was a book from last year (embarrassed). The book was Superhero Handbook. I had one book remaining to complete in my edition of four books and it was bothering me that I hadn't yet finished it. I didn't even have that much to do - the basic flag book structure was done. I just needed to print the flags and add them to the book. Today was the day to cross the task off my list. I printed out the flags... ...cut them out into flag shapes... ...and attached them to the base of the flag book. Now my brain can rest. I really need to get into the habit of completing editions
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Hello Hedi

The 23 Sandy Gallery currently has a call for entries for HELLO HEDI, a juried exhibition of book art inspired by the work of Hedi Kyle. The exhibition will be on view at the gallery from June 5 - July 25, 2015. One of the cool things about the show is that it coincides with the Focus on Book Arts conference. The artists' reception is on June 26th, the Friday of the conference. Laura Russell will be jurying the exhibit, while Hedi will be choosing the awards. Here's a blurb from the 23 Sandy website about the exhibition: ...this is more than just a structure show. No blank books, please. We are looking for works that honor Hedi’s paper transformations with smart stories, strong concepts, focused contexts and
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Worktable Wednesday

Today I worked on a custom project for an expectant mother. A couple of weeks ago, I bound this photo album for her and she wanted some hand-stamped images included on the pages. I cut out pieces of brightly-colored cardstock and used my own hand-carved stamps to decorate them. The paper mats will be used for journaling. You can see the results below. I'm happy with how it turned out! This was the first time I worked on the interior pages of a blank book for a customer. I enjoy custom projects for this very reason - someone gets to design a book just the way she likes it and I get something new to challenge myself. If you have a custom project in mind, I'd love to hear
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Hedi Kyle to speak at Focus on Book Arts

I recently found out that Hedi Kyle will be speaking at the Focus on Book Arts conference this June! Her informal address, Four Decades Under the Spell of the Book, will be presented on Thursday evening. I am so excited - I have great admiration for Hedi and her contribution to the world of book arts. I took a workshop with her at the Garage Annex School a number of years ago (pre-blog) and it was fabulous. Here's the blurb on Hedi's talk from the FOBA website: This talk begins in the early 1970's when extraordinary developments concerning the book and its future life took place. Today, craft people and artists are turning to the book, recognizing its role as a carrier, a container, unique as an object
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Mad Scientist workshop

A few years ago, I took an awesome workshop with John Brickels, a Vermont-based ceramic artist. It was his Mad Scientist Workshop and it started at 3:00 a.m. Yes, you read that right. We were working in clay in the middle of the night. That's what mad scientists do. We also wore lab coats while we worked. I loved it! Clay is a bit out of my comfort zone - the goal was to make clay robots. John made it really easy to get to work. He prepared large clay tubes for us to use and had lots of templates for cutting out gears and nuts. Being me, I decided to make a bookworm bot. I used one of the tubes for his body and put a gear on
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