Editioned books from the 2015 Book Arts Improv – done!

I have ever-so-slowly been making my way down my list of unfinished projects. I just crossed another item off my list - completing two editions from the 2015 Book Arts Improv.I started by working on the edition of my fourth Improv book - Fabruary. I'm embarrassed by just how easy it was for me to finish this one. All I had to do was print out the inserts on laser vellum, trim them, and put them into the book pockets.I didn't document how I originally cut the sheets of vellum, but it was easy enough to figure out what to do - since the vellum was transparent, I just placed the trimmed inserts over the full sheets and used my ruler to get the measurements.Into the pockets they go...and...done!FYI - I discovered
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(Sorta) top secret custom order

I am so psyched for a custom order I'm working on!I can't talk about the specifics yet because it's going to be a gift for someone. I'd hate for the recipient to see the book here before receiving it.I've spent the past four years trying to get Wiggum to hang out with me in my studio and it rarely happens - today, he was very interested in the paper I needed to use for the project.In a vague nutshell, individual pages are being sent to 100 artists to create artwork for inclusion in the book. The artists have two months to complete their work, after which the pages will be collected and given to me for binding.Paper was cut......and scored. I added a 0.5" folded flap (spacer)
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Paper Nerd Club Patch

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know that I collect bookbinding/paper-artsy badges. I'm pretty sure that my obsession stems from my stint in the Girl Scouts. I still have my sash and all the badges I earned.So you must understand how excited I was when I discovered the Paper Nerd Club Patch in the pages of Stationery Trends magazine. The badge is the brainchild of Constellation & Co. They work primarily as letterpress printers.Check out this beauty:It came on a letterpressed card, announcing my achievement as a Paper Nerd. Hooray for me!The thing is huge, measuring three inches across. It is much bigger than a standard scouting badge.I am in love with it! I can't wait to get it on my work apron.
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Islamic binding – actually done!

I received the best email ever this week from my friend Stephanie Wolff.In this blog post, I talked about my attempt to complete an Islamic binding that I started at PBI. I managed to trim the pages successfully, but found that the book didn't close properly.Or so I thought.Stephanie alerted me to the fact that in an Islamic binding, the fore edge flap goes down before the front cover is closed. So there you have it - my book didn't close due to user error.What this means is that my book is really done! Here it is, in its properly-closed glory:By the way, there's really no excuse for my forgetting how to close the book. Back in 2011, I traveled to Boston to attend the Guild of Book
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Wells Book Arts Summer Institute 2016

The Wells Book Arts Center recently announced their 2016 Summer Institute. Here's their fantastic lineup:Week 1 – July 17-23:Michael Bixler – Typecasting and Monotype CompositionDiane Bond – Decorative Paste Paper and BeyondSteven Lee-Davis -Wood Engraving: Well Crafted IllustrationScott McCarney – Experiential Artists BooksBrad Vetter – Pressure Printing & Contemporary LetterpressWeek 2 – July 24-30:Karen Hanmer – Leather Binding FundamentalsStan Nelson – Understanding the Typographical PunchFrance Scully Osterman – Wet Collodion TintypesPeter Sowiski – East Meets West PapermakingJessica Spring – Daredevil Letterpress: Keeping Your ComposureI've decided to forgo PBI this year, so going to Wells would be a nice alternative. Not only are the courses drool-worthy and the instructors top-notch, but I also wouldn't have to fly to get there (only 6ish hours of driving). And if I go to Wells,
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Islamic binding – sorta done!

Today I tackled another project that I've been putting off - fixing an Islamic binding from a workshop with Yasmeen Kahn at the 2013 Paper and Book Intensive. I did complete another, more traditional-looking binding during the workshop - you can read about it in this post.This second binding has a funky onlay of a piece of a dictionary page - the focus entry is ooze.So what needed to be fixed on this book? The text block is too wide for the binding. Check it out - the damn thing doesn't close properly.The pages were more than 3/8" too wide and needed to be trimmed.I've been reluctant to do the trimming because I was afraid that I couldn't keep a straightedge from slipping during cutting.I
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Book sewn on cords – done!

Today I attacked my first unfinished project - a book sewn on cords from a workshop with Patty Grass at the 2007 Focus on Book Arts conference. This one has long plagued me - eight and a half years of unfinished-ness.The book's time had come - I opened up the bag of materials and found the following:The thing that's interesting about this binding is that we sewed it without using a sewing frame, as is traditionally done with books sewn on cords. Instead, we impregnated the cords with PVA to stiffen them up. Since the cords stuck up, it was as if they were being held in place by a sewing frame. We could proceed with our sewing unencumbered by equipment.I had a vague recollection
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