Tsukiji, Tokyo and Nigiri Basami

For our first few days in Japan, the hubby and I stayed in a business hotel near the Tsukiji fish market. The near century-old Tokyo market is one of the world's largest fish markets and is likely best known for its tuna auctions.What? There are tuna auctions?Why yes, there are. During the
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Trip to TAKEO, Tokyo

After my visit to Misuzudo, I descended the stairs and soaked in all that was TAKEO.TAKEO was founded in 1899. Their store carries approximately 300 brands, with 9,000-ish specific types of paper. You have to love a store that has a "mission for paper":Paper has long played an important role in our society and economy, always
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Trip to Misuzudo Bindery showroom, Tokyo

On my third day in Tokyo, the first paper-related stop was Misuzudo Bindery. Based on information I translated from their website, we knew that we were headed to the second floor. Once we got there, we were greeted by a nondescript hallway with lots of doors. I had no idea where to go.
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Trip to Kinokuniya, Tokyo

As I've been writing these posts about my trip to Japan, I've become aware of how much it seems like all I did was shop. I assure you, that was not the case. I have to admit that Tokyo was shopping-heavy, but trust me, things changed once I got to Echizen.After my stressful reunion
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Trip to Tokyu Hands, Tokyo

My hubby and I started our second day in Tokyo by visiting the Meiji Jingu Shrine, which was so beautiful - it had a stunning iris garden.Afterwards, we decided to split up - I wanted to check out Tokyu Hands and he wasn't interested. Can you blame him? Tokyu Hands is
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Trip to Kyukyodo, Tokyo

The second paper-related stop on my trip to Japan was also in Tokyo's Ginza district - Kyukyodo. Its neighbors included Tiffany's and Harry Winston. I was definitely out of my element - fanny packs are simply not fashionable.Interestingly, the store was founded in Kyoto in 1663 and began as a medicine shop. The
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Trip to Itoya, Tokyo

Welcome to the first of many blog posts documenting my recent trip to Japan. Warning - most of these posts will be long and image-heavy. I took over 1,000 pictures while I was there!The first paper-related stop on my trip was a store in Tokyo - Itoya. It's considered one of the
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So I just got back from Japan yesterday.Sorry that I wasn't more up front about the timing of my trip. I'm one of those people who isn't comfortable revealing travel plans online, especially when my house is being left unoccupied. It's tough for me to exist in that intersection of social media and
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