Recommended Dremel speeds for artists

I'm frequently asked about the Dremel speed one should use on a particular material. It's tough for me to know all of the possible accessory/speed/material combinations, as I haven't tried them all.Thankfully, I found an excellent resource that holds the answers - a series of charts that includes the recommended speed settings for specific Dremel bits when in use with specific materials (aluminum, brass, ceramic, copper, glass, hardwood, plastic, shell, softwood, steel, and stone).Behold the awesomeness of these charts:Carving and engraving accessoriesCleaning and polishing accessoriesCutting accessoriesDrill bitsGrinding and sharpening accessoriesSanding accessoriesI hope you find them helpful!
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A Bookbinder’s Black Friday

Another year, another Black Friday.There is no big box shopping for me this year. My plan is to go into downtown Montpelier for Flannel Friday, our snuggly local version of this shopping day.If you love making books like I do, then you might be interested in the fantastic online sales that are happening today (and throughout the weekend):As part of their November sale, Oak Knoll Books is offering 20% off a selection of their books about bookbinding. No special code is needed - just click on the link and the discount is already applied to the book prices.Pergamena, producer of stunning fine leathers and parchment, is offering 50% on all sheep parchment, full skins, and cut sheets. From 11/27 through 11/30, use code PERGSHEEP50 to
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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!I am so very thankful for the wonderful customers, students, and supporters I have in my life.I wouldn't be able to do what I love without you.Here's to full bellies and full hearts!
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The origin of accordion love?

Over the weekend I got to see my most favoritest band perform in Burlington, VT - They Might Be Giants. I have loved them forever (well, since 1988 anyway) started thinking about the connection between my affinity for accordion books and the fact that one of the TMBG band members plays an accordion.Perhaps the band had some magical influence on my journey into book arts?
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Botanical Inklings – An awesome Kickstarter project

Experienced letterpress printer and fellow book artist Sarah Mottaghinejad of Ink and Awl has launched a nifty Kickstarter project. Botanical Inklings will be a be a coloring book like no other - it's going to be letterpress printed on watercolor paper.This is just brilliant.If you're into coloring books, now you can use any media you want - watercolors, ink, über markers - oh yeah, this paper can take it.Sarah's illustrations are inspired by her love for plant life and work in macro photography. Even without having colored them in, I think that the prints are totally frameable.The rewards Sarah's offering are pretty fantastic. I went for the unbound package, which includes 16 different illustrations. You can also choose a handbound copy of the prints. And
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Paper and Book Intensive 2016

The Paper and Book Intensive just published their course descriptions for 2016. Whether or not I'll be able to attend remains to be seen.I've been to PBI three times so far. I skipped it this year and I could feel it in my bones - I was bummed. I think I'm addicted. Perhaps PBI really stands for Paper and Book Illness?Next year's classes are looking fabulous, as usual. As I look over the list, I keep changing my mind about which ones I'd attend. I seem to be drawn to those that are content-driven - that's my Achilles heel as an artist.Here are the ones that really caught my eye (at least for today):Ideation in Action with Julie Chen:Ideas for content can come from almost
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Worktable Wednesday

Today was an accordion book kind of day.I've been working on these babies for the past week or so. I really love making them, mostly because I get to play with brighter and wackier papers than I usually use in my production work. I also use papers that were trimmed from larger projects.I spent time folding the long strips of paper that go on the inside of the books. I start by folding them in half, then I trim a little off the ends.The accordion books have pages/panels that are 4" x 4" in size. To help me with the folding, I use my trusty scoring board (thank you Martha). I know I've said this before, but I love this thing.I folded enough paper for
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