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Worktable Wednesday

Today started out with the most awesome surprise. The doorbell rang around 8:00 a.m. and I opened the door to find a former student of mine bearing a batch of leather! She said that she wasn’t going to use it and thought that I might be able to make something with it.

I happily took it off her hands.

Pile of leather

I didn’t use any of the leather today. Instead, I continued working on a batch of coptic journals that I started earlier this week.

Paper in punching cradle

Unbound cover and pages for journal

Handmade coptic journal in progress

Stack of handmade coptic journals

I’m feeling very productive today!

Worktable Wednesday

Vermont Open Studio Weekend signsToday was a very busy day. I had two presentations – one for the Vermont Crafts Council (VCC) and one for the Book Arts Guild of Vermont.

My worktable got no action today.

The first presentation for the VCC was about how artists can use social media for promoting Vermont Open Studio Weekend. I had a very lively audience with lots of questions. I like when people keep me on my toes!

The next presentation was done with my dear friend, Jill Abilock of Six Loons Studio – we talked about the basics of using a Dremel.

Worktable covered in Dremel supplies

The topic was inspired by Jill Timm‘s workshop, The Amazing Dremel. Our presentation was in no way meant to replace the fabulousness that is Jill’s workshop. In fact, she’s teaching not too far from here next month – the New England Guild of Book Workers is hosting her workshop on May 10 – 11 at the Northeast Document Conservation Center in Andover, MA.

We take safety seriously at the Book Arts Guild of Vermont and we brought face masks for everyone to wear while we worked on dusty materials. It was fun presenting to an audience of masked women!

And I achieved my one goal for the presentation – to not bleed. I figured that blood might be a deterrent to anyone wanting to try a Dremel for the first time.


Letterpress at Dartmouth

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make books that are in a lower price point and came up with the idea of making little letterpressed notebooks. I was glad to have an excuse to get back down to the Dartmouth letterpress studio, as it had been a while.

I quickly settled on some lovely wood type and then…nothing. My brain completely froze. It had been too long since I last set type and I couldn’t remember what to do next. Thankfully, there was help in the form of the very awesome Sarah Smith. She is the Queen of Patience.

Wood letterpress type locked in chase

I swear to you, I’m going to remember everything she said to me. I hope. Anyway, I was able to finish my first batch of book covers, which made me happy.

As you can see below, the books say “Brain Barf”. I was inspired to make these from my own experience of having too much in my brain to be able to get anything done. Sometimes you just need to purge your brain of everything and put it down on paper to be able to move forward. These books will be the lucky recipients of said brain barf.

Paper printed with the words "Brain Barf"

Now I just have to wait for the ink to dry so I can bind them. I’ll be sure to show you the finished products!

3 Responses to “Blog”

  1. Maggie says:

    Elissa, this is a great site, very thorough and thought out! I have gleaned the words I need to start the promotion of you as featured artist for Montpelier’s Art Walk.

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