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A Bookbinding Gift

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Last month, when I visited my sister, I was presented with the inevitable craft project with my nine year-old niece. I love when this happens because my niece has long had an interest in paper and bookbinding.

So we’re working on a pop-up birthday card for a friend of hers and while we’re folding the paper, I notice that my niece is using the handle of a pair of scissors to burnish the fold. I tell her that she needs a bone folder and her response – “Yes I do!”

I love this kid.

So what’s my first order of business upon visiting the PBI store? Bone folder selection. And it was hard.

I finally settled on a bone folder that was etched with an origami crane. I like that the crane symbolizes happiness, good fortune and longevity.

Bone folder etched with origami crane

And I want my niece to be happy and around for a long time!

If you’re interested in getting your own crane bone folder, contact Nancy Morains at Colophon Book Arts – she should be able to hook you up.

2 Responses to “A Bookbinding Gift”

  1. Amy says:

    That is adorable!

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