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Doors, Drawers & Windows: Making Interactive Books and Boxes with Randi Parkhurst – Day 2

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The second day of Randi’s class was much easier. Apparently doors are less complicated than windows. Unless you make a revolving door. Just don’t ever do that.

I came into class early and was able to finish my swiveling window. Hurray!

Mat board window frame covered in colored paper

Mat board window frame covered in colored paper

We started the day by working on a hinged door.

Randi Parkhurst doing a demonstration

Randi Parkhurst doing a demonstration

We made teeny little hinges out of paper and Tyvek, then slid them onto a bamboo skewer (so clever!). The hinge flaps were glued in between 2 layers of mat board.

Completed hinged door on mat board house

Completed hinged door on mat board house

The sliding door used some of the same techniques as the first, in that we created a Tyvek hinge that was sandwiched between pieces of mat board. The loop slid onto a bamboo skewer, as you can see in the bottom right of the photo below.

Pieces of mat board house

We made a cornice that hid the bamboo rail with stops to help control how far the door would move. As this is a Vermont house, there are big gaps around the door. In fact, both of my windows aren’t airtight.

Definitely a Vermont house.

Completed sliding door on mat board house

Next, we added 3 interior walls. These helped to stabilize the structure and created little nooks where would could add drawers or little books.

Interior walls of mat board house

Hey – I raised a house!

Partially completed mat board house

Partially completed mat board house

Partially completed mat board house

At this point, we were free to experiment with adding drawers and shelves. I made a cool drawer, but I put the shelf in too high. :(

Partially completed mat board house

I’m going to put some feet on the drawer so it looks like I did it on purpose. Don’t tell. Oh, and I’ll also add a drawer pull of some kind and a little book to live on the shelf.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Wait a second, where’s the roof?” Well, I did make a roof, but forgot to take pictures. And it’s not finished.

We ran out of time in class to complete the roof, but I have the directions. Once it’s complete, I’ll write a follow-up post so you can see the completed house.

Let me know what you think!

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