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Paper and Book Intensive 2013

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Made-up logo for the Paper and Book IntensiveWell, it looks like I got lucky again this year. A week from tomorrow, I’ll be flying out to Michigan for my 2nd Paper and Book Intensive.

I was initially rejected, so I just put it out of my mind. And then the happy Email came…and now I’m going!

I have to admit that when I went last year, I was really intimidated by the talent there. Seriously – I never would have thought that I’d see Hedi Kyle and Julie Chen eating together in a cafeteria that I also happened to be in. It was completely unreal.

You just can’t convince me that these are regular people. So in the spirit of How I Met Your Mother, I will make a sweeping declaration: I get star struck and will never get un-struck!

[comes down from non-existent soapbox]

So yeah, I’m over the moon! I’m attending the following workshops:

Turn­ing The Cor­ner, And other use­ful leather cov­er­ing tech­niques with Jeff Alte­peter:

Ready to turn the cor­ner and work with leather? This class will be an intro­duc­tion for begin­ners or a refresher for stu­dents hop­ing to incor­po­rate tra­di­tional leather bind­ing tech­niques into their work. Stu­dents will have the oppor­tu­nity to prac­tice with a vari­ety of tools and types of skins while we focus on sev­eral fun­da­men­tal leather work­ing skills includ­ing par­ing, the for­ma­tion of head caps, and, of course, turn­ing cor­ners neatly.

Leather par­ing exer­cises will include fun­da­men­tals of tools and meth­ods. Stu­dents will also exper­i­ment with par­ing based dec­o­ra­tive tech­niques such as back-pared onlays. A vari­ety of knives and man­ual par­ing machines will be avail­able to stu­dents. Please bring your own knives and Scharf-fix or Brock­man style par­ing machines if you already own them. If you don’t already have these you will leave the class with an under­stand­ing of what you might want to acquire in the future.

Pres­sure Print­ing: A Painterly Approach to the Press with Sarah Bryant:

Pres­sure print­ing is a tech­nique based on low relief col­lage or sten­cils using a press that cre­ates a painterly, spon­ta­neous image or tex­ture on the page. In this course, stu­dents will exper­i­ment with dif­fer­ent pres­sure print­ing meth­ods on the Van­der­cook proof press. Begin­ning with the basics of this tech­nique we will move onto more com­plex appli­ca­tions. As a group, we will har­ness the unex­pected pat­terns and imagery that we gen­er­ate and com­bine them with col­lage, sten­cil­ing, and type to cre­ate sim­ple books.

A Look at the World of Islamic Book­bind­ing with Yas­meen Khan:

In this work­shop two Islamic books will be con­structed. One will be based on Islamic bind­ing struc­tures that were pro­duced through­out the Mus­lim world in the 18th cen­tury and defined as high-end deluxe bind­ings. The other will be a hybrid struc­ture designed by the stu­dent includ­ing a vari­ety of regional vari­a­tions that the instruc­tor will intro­duce in the work­shop. Class time will also be devoted to the prepa­ra­tion of deluxe gold-leaf dec­o­ra­tion end­pa­pers and dif­fer­ent styles of Islamic end­bands and head­cap con­struc­tions.

Vari­a­tion and style in Islamic bind­ing and its dec­o­ra­tion will be cov­ered in the work­shop through short lec­tures, hand­outs that include his­tor­i­cal back­ground infor­ma­tion on Islamic bind­ing, a read­ing list, and class instruc­tions. The aim of the course is to intro­duce Islamic modes of dec­o­ra­tion and book con­struc­tion to the tech­ni­cal arse­nal of the con­tem­po­rary bookbinder.

The internet access at Ox-Bow was sketchy last year and I had homework in the evenings, but I’ll do my best to blog a bit when I’m at PBI. Extended posts might have to wait until I get home.

Stay tuned!

One Response to “Paper and Book Intensive 2013”

  1. Dennis says:

    What wonderful news! Have a great time and hopefully I will have the chance to experience this as well one day.

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