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2 more leather journal closures…

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I decided on the closures for two more of my leather journals. I referred to my Pinterest board of closures while making my choices.

Once again, I tried to choose closures that echoed the stitching method used on the book.

The first book I worked on was a multiple section pamphlet. The green leather is an alligator-embossed cowhide and it is stiff! I attached a softer, yellow leather strap to the front cover, adding three parallel stitches to each end in a manner like those on the spine.

Green and yellow handmade leather journal with strap closure

The yellow strap secures another strap that is attached to the outside back cover of the journal. I used a green waxed linen thread to attach the strap because I didn’t want to overdo it with the detailing. I used the same stitching as I did on the yellow cover strap.

Green and yellow handmade leather journal with strap closure

Here’s a better look at the stitching on the spine:

Green and yellow handmade leather journal with strap closure

While I worked on this book, I made an interesting discovery – my dog ate my homework:

Handmade leather journal with dog-chewed pages

My Wiggum is a rascal!

I have no idea when he went into my studio and did this. All of my other journals were unharmed.

At first I considered taking the book apart to resew it, but now I find it strangely charming. Maybe it was Wiggum’s way of contributing to the project? Now I plan to just iron the pages flat and keep the bite marks intact.

My next journal was sewn using Keith Smith‘s Dos Esquis binding:

Magenta handmade leather journal with button closure

I love this binding!

I decided on a simple button closure for this journal, mostly due to the cool shape of the overlaying leather flap. Most of that was the natural edge of the leather I cut, but I did do some additional trimming. The button design seems to indirectly reflect the stitching pattern on the spine.

Magenta handmade leather journal with button closure

I used my Japanese hole punch to create pilot holes marking the ends of my buttonhole. I used an X-Acto to cut the slit between the holes. Easy peasy.

I’ve been reconsidering my choice to create a vertical buttonhole. Would a horizontal buttonhole have been better? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Magenta handmade leather journal with button closure

Opened magenta handmade leather journal with button closure

Look, ma…no bite marks!

So I now have four journals completed. Only two more to go…

One Response to “2 more leather journal closures…”

  1. Sarah rooney says:

    Beautiful work! Glad I found you on Pinterest!

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