Worktable Wednesday

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I finally made choices on the closures for two of my leather journals. I referred to my Pinterest board of closures while making my choices.

Here’s where I started today (the usual mess):


I tried to choose closures that echoed the stitching method used on the book. For the longstitch book, I attached the leather strap using three parallel stitches.

Brown handmade leather journal

Brown handmade leather journal

Brown handmade leather journal

For the red journal, I added a loop to the cover that slips through a slot in the covering flap.

Red handmade leather journal

Red handmade leather journal

I have a collection of driftwood that I’ve had for a gazillion years, with no particular use in mind. I broke off a piece and sculpted it using my Dremel until it was just the right size to slide into the journal loop.

The shape of the stick mimics the stitching pattern on the spine.

Red handmade leather journal

I’m really happy with my choices for these two journals. Only four more to go…

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