Recycled Accordion Book class at Studio Place Arts

Last Wednesday I taught my Recycled Accordion Book class at Studio Place Arts.

Recycled Accordion Book class at Studio Place Arts

I had a lovely group of three women in the class. The most time-intensive part of the process is weaving strips of envelope security patterns for the covers. It’s not hard to do, but choosing which patterns to use sure is!

If you’d like to see security patterns up close, check out Joseph King’s Flickr set – it’s amazing! I just know that you’re going to start going through your recycling now…

Weaving strips of envelope security pattern papers

Pages get bound into the valley folds of the accordion book.

Binding pages into the accordion book

The structure has pockets built in to the body of the accordion, so students make mini books to put inside of them.

Here’s one of the completed books:

Completed recycled accordion book

I’ve taught this class three times and every time I’ve suggested that someone use their woven security patterns on a diagonal – I finally got a taker! I think that the cover looks more quilted when you orient the paper that way.

Book cover made from recycled envelope security pattern papers

I have one more class scheduled this spring at SPA: Design Invitations and Announcements. If you’re interested in the class, you can register by contacting SPA at (802) 479-7069 or by Email.

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